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  • Purim in the StadiumCelebrate together outdoors, safe and socially distant!
    Fun for the whole family
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    Enjoy all your holiday favorites - in the stadium!
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  • Purim Gift ProjectShare the holiday with your family and share it with another family through the Purim Gift Project order yours here Order Here
  • Private Megillah ReadingCan't make it to the party? Please book a time that is convenient for you to hear the Megillah and we will bring it to you! Book Here
  • Shabbat Experience To-GoTurn an ordinary Friday night into an extraordinary Shabbat Order your free bag here
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The broken shards of the first tablets are stored in the ark together with the whole ones.—Talmud Bava Batra 14b. When you find the Infinite, where will you put it? In your broken vessel? It will not stay. In a new whole one? It will not fit. Let the heart be broken in bitterness for its confines. Let it be whole in the joy of a boundless soul. This is the secret that the...
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