There are many activities we do at Chabad. Special programs for different ages, holiday events, Jewish adult education, social services for the community and the list goes on.

While some of these activities we are able to charge for, many of them are for those who simply can't afford to pay the full cost or anything.

But that doesn't stop us! We know there are individuals out there like you who see the need, vision and goal of these activities and care for these people. Because of the generous heart of you and others we are able to continue what we do and impact the lives of so many people. Your sponsorship enables us to either subsidize the cost of certain programs or offer them totally free.

There are a variety of programs you can sponsor in full or take part in partially sponsoring. If you would like to sponsor in memory or in honor of someone close to you there are many opportunities to name a program with the name of your loved one.

To donate for a specific program click the button below:

For naming opportunities, please let us now which program you wish to sponsor and if you would like to name it by contacting us here or emailing [email protected]

To see what we have accomplished so far take a look at our most recent report by clicking here