There are several ways that you can set up an automatic monthly recurring donation to Chabad here are two easy ones: Quickpay or Credit Card Please don't hesitate to contact us for other methods.


Method one
Chase Quickpay/Zelle

This is very easy to set up through the chase app or online through other banking websites that work with Zelle Quickpay. On your Chase app you select the Quickpay option on the menu bar, put Chabad's account in as your payee: [email protected] and here is how your screen will look:

You will select the option to repeat payment and you can even chose which day of the month your donation will go through. 




CC Icon.jpgMethod Two
Credit Card

Click on the Credit Card icon on the left to fill in your Credit Card info and choose the recurring monthly option



Method Three


Click on the button below and choose the option to make it a monthly donation